Prescription Safety Eyewear

It’s a new millennium and Prescription Safety Glasses don’t have to be ugly or uncomfortable anymore. Prescription Safety Glasses come in a wider variety of cool wrap around styles and lighter weight metals and ballistic grade polymers. This makes prescription safety eye glasses more durable and more wearable than ever before.

DON’T invest in just any prescription safety glasses. Prescription safety glasses that don’t look good or feel good will end up beside your employees instead of on them. W2Technologies has the resources to provide quality prescription safety eye glasses, products, and services at up to 50% below retail. Contact us today, and purchase a valuable asset for your company.

There are options in lens materials such as CR-39, Polycarbonate, Polarized, Transitions and the new Trivex available. Also lens types, such as bifocals or progressive are all options that should be considered before making a purchase. The easy to understand information on the following page will help guide you through the lens selection process.


ArmourX Catalog

Hudson catalog

Sideshield Liability With the OSHA final rule on Personal Protective Equipment (July 5, 1994), there is significant interest in the use of sideshields on safety eyewear. Learn more about sideshields here

Metal Frame facepiece. Positions with spring-wire clips. 46mm and 52mm eye sizes Silvertone

Prescription Respirator Insert Metal Frame facepiece. Positions with spring-wire clips. 46mm and 52mm eye sizes Silvertone

The MS1 is an OSHA approved prescription respirator insert that has been fit tested and can be used in a variety of different manufacturers respirators offering a low cost alternative to purchasing multiple prescription respirator inserts.

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