21st Century Safety Eyewear

The function of computer eyewear is to correct the vision and ergonomically correct the posture at a specific distance while sitting in front of a computer screen.

The 21st-century has subjected us to ever increasing amounts of blue light exposure and the consequences are undeniable…headaches, blurred vision, eyestrain, disruption of natural sleep cycle and macular cell damage.

The first line of defense in the Blue Light war is to have the proper protection from damaging HEV high energy blue light (400-500nm) emitted from the computer screen or digital device. W2 Technologies has developed our own Digital Computer BluWare Eyewear that can be tailored to your specific requirements at an economical price.

Proven Protection against Blue Light

Our independent testing by an Electro Optical Specialist at PAFB provided us with the best lens material and tints to give the proven maximum performance against blue light emissions.

This protection is a daily necessity in an age of constant blue light bombardment. It is not only recommended for adults that spend extreme blocks of time in front of a screen, but also our children whose circadian rhythm can be affected by the blue light emissions.

Not all Blue Light glasses are the same. We use a combination of lens materials, tints and coatings to give the best proven protection to kill blue light emission in the sensitive areas between 400-500 nanometers.



Harvard Medical News – Blue Light Has a Dark Side

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